NIXIM Uprated Gas Spring

For those that need a slightly harder Gas pedal, we have the solution. This is nothing more than a simple replacement spring with a higher loading (see graph). It may be that you have an erect driving position which places more weight on your feet, perhaps you are of a big build and require a stiffer spring, you see Logitech have to make a gas spring that can be used by a 5 year old. So it may not be suitable for a big guy.

Fine Tuning
Nothing much to say here, perhaps a couple of recommendations. Maybe have a 1-3% dead zone in the pedal settings so that you know the gas is off when you think it is especially if you have the habit of resting your foot on the gas pedal. If you find the gas application a bit harsh especially when driving a powerful car with bags of engine torque, backing off the gas sensitivity in controller settings will help whilst still retaining full power when needed. Always wear light footware when driving, you will feel the car better and perhaps lifting heavy footware from a weak gas spring won't be such a problem

Dave Nicholson