All orders are normally dispatched within 24 hours of ordering (excepting weekends and Bank holidays).

Please note: In order to keep shipping costs to a minimum these items are normally dispatched as 'Small Packet' post, and as such there is no tracking facility. Tracking can be arranged but is comparatively expensive and adds approximately 25% to the total cost of the item, please contact us to make any special arrangements regarding shipping.

Orders of a full three pedal kit, or any combination of more than two springs will be automatically sent with tracking for security of delivery (recorded delivery for UK orders), the cost of a tracked order is included when you order. We do not send you an order confirmation (unless it is a tracked order).We receive an order confirmation from PayPal at the same time as you receive your PayPal order confirmation. This gives all details of your order which will be sent to the delivery address detailed on your PayPal order.

Post & Packing is included with all pedal mod orders

UK orders are normally received within 3 working days from order. European orders are normally received around 5 to 7 working days from order. Rest of world (and yes we ship worldwide) are normally received 7 to 14 working days from order. If you feel that your order is late in delivery please contact us at

Dave Nicholson